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Thanks for that, maybe the weather or  seasonal atmospherics are having an impact of late. I guess the best hope for a permanent noise reduction is an increase in approach angle to Heathrow from the current 3 degrees to 4, pushing the aircraft higher over us.. The noise reduces as the the square of the distance so a relatively  small increase in altitude  will have a large effect on noise. City airport has a 7 degree approach and I do not have a problem with those aircraft, although they are mostly going away from rainbow quays and are either turbo-props or so called “whispa” jets which are quiet by their design.

The helicopters are definitely louder nuisance , but thankfully less frequent. I guess having a heliport 1km across the river doesnt help and given that helicopters take off using the so called “dead man's curve” which means they need to stay at low altitude until they gather sufficient air speed to survive an engine failure could explain why they seem to hang around overhead  longer than would otherwise seem necessary.