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Hi Stuart, we got low speeds at rainbow because we are such a long way from the exchange.  Unfortunately there isn’t a lot you can do about.  The best thing you can do is make sure you use the master socket in your house for connecting your router to and ensure all other sockets with equipment have micro filters.  I understand that the Bermondsey exchange is due for an upgrade on 31st March and this may help speeds but I am not going to hold my breath.  I have attached a print of my speed tests.  I generally find the day to be ok and constant around 2.5MBps, but it drops off most evenings. 
I also looked into the virgin Fibre route but it’s not in the area and they don’t have a department where you can find out how much it would cost putting it in.  Apparently it has to be arranged in tandem with the council.
An alternative you could use is Vodafone Mobile broadband as I seem to always have 3.5G available on my mobile and this is supposed to offer 7.5Mbps.  I require a VPN for work and cannot chance mobile broadband hence going for the old fashioned wired route.
I suppose the final alternative would be to find out if there was enough demand at Rainbow and explore a leased line option, although this is very expensive.  Hope that helps.  If you have any other questions please free to ask away.
All the best