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Does anybody have a contact at RMG.

Having phoned to inform them on Monday of the theft I was told that the property manager would phone me later the same day, so at 4.55 when I hadn’t received a call I phoned again to be told their SLA is 48 hours even though I told them the police wanted some information immediately.

So Tuesday came and went and no call so I phoned again on Wednesday morning to be told the property manager knows to call me and will

It is now Friday and still no call and the police have just informed me they are closing the case as I haven’t been able to provide them with the CCTV information and the contact details of the company doing the work on the gate during the time the bike was stolen.

Why do we pay to have the property managed by such a shambles of a company?

They are a joke!

Calum – Thanks again for the info you sent through.