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Presumably someone got their bikes also stolen in this instance also?

Mine was stolen a while back, as were a few others.  Does anyone know if there's been progress in getting the CCTV back up and running?  Having a marked bike is only part of the answer, it would be best if we were able to prevent them being stolen in the first place which shouldn't be too hard if people keep a lookout for odd activity and people entering what should be a fairly secure garage.

Also, I cycle to work and three times in recent weeks guys, probably teenagers, (walking and a few with bikes) have been loitering in between the Rainbow Quay blocks when I've cycled into west block. One guy follow me in, got locked in and I had to go and kick him out.  Another time a guy has come in behind me and was looking at the bikes and trying the door systems to see what kept it open.  Each time they've cleared out before I've got back out to them.  If you live in overlooking apartments, please keep an eye on such activities.

I've only caught these guys because I tend to wait part way down the garage and circle until the door closes.  I notice a lot of people don't bother to wait for the doors to close.  For the sake of everyone's cars and bikes, can everyone please take the extra few seconds to wait and check nobody gets in?

It is undoubtedly how mine and numerous other bikes have been stolen…

Flat 3, 3 Rainbow Quay