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I have just had a chat with Michael and Paul about the mopping.  It has been about 2 weeks since they last did a mop.  I had actually told them that the steps do not need mopping every week and that a brushing will do unless there has been a spill.  I also do not expect them to mop if its raining.  They have quite a tight schedule to get things done and sometimes they get carried away removing marks from the walls and then run out of time for the mopping which is the last job.  They have said they will mop the back parts Friday and the if they get time the front too, if not these will get done next week.

I know the Greenland dock side suffers more then rope street because of the aspect. 

I really would like to encourage everybody, if they have a specific cleaning issue to speak directly to the cleaners.  I have gone through 3 firms trying to get things up to spec.  They are a good couple of guys and respond well if you take the time to chat with them.