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… but there is probably no harm in at least looking into the installation cost now. I am not an expert, but I think 'all' that is required is either an extra dish or a twin, so-called LNB on the existing dish, as well as some additional cabelling.

Apart from Freesat, Sky HD has been around for a couple of years already with some 15 HD channels, including BBC, Channel 4, Sky One, Sky Sports, Sky Movies, Sky Box Office, Sky Arts, National Geographic, Discovery and The History Channel.

These days, you cannot (or should not?) buy a non-HD TV, and it seems silly to be paying for something you cannot use. Also, you really need a dual feed for (harddisk) recording as VHS has been as good as phased out (you cannot find blank tapes anymore).

If we leave this for too long, I fear we risk private initiatives being taken by residents who may be unaware of the ban against individual dishes.

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I think this is a sensible approach and I agree with it.

I am begining to think this may have to be looked at again.  Especially as the new Freesat http://www.freesat.co.uk/ service is offering HD programmes and a dual tuner recorder http://www.joinfreesat.co.uk/ should be available later this year.  That said the upgrade cost is still very high and it would appear that demand is low.  I have also heared that there is apparently going to be away to use one feed but piggyback both signals down it.  I think until it becomes clear how well HD is going to be served and the demand / solutions to the dual feed sitiuation, then its probably worth just holding back until the last qtr of the year and take another look at it then.

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