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Hi Andrew,

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You do not need to subscribe to the communal satellite system, which is paid for through the service charge, but you do need a satellite receiver (e.g. Sky or freesat) to make any use of it, as pointed out by Simon.

freesat will currently get you some 80 digital TV and radio channels, and Sky an awful lot more (potentially in the hundreds of channels, depending on your choice of package) in return for a monthly subscription fee.

Some residents use Freeview only (the necessary decoder is built into most current TV equipment), which gives you some 40 TV channels for free via the normal TV aerial, and even through some top-end indoor aerials. We ourselves tend to use Freeview as a backup during the not infrequent satellite dish outages (the most recent one lasted for some 24 hours from last Friday p.m. into Saturday p.m.).

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Hi Andrew,

your options for the satellite system are to subscribe to sky or to purchase a freesat receiver http://www.freesat.co.uk/.

The benefits of freesat are that there is just a one off fee and no monthly subscription.  Interestingly enough Dixons are offering 10% of the list price of freesat boxes during July, check out the details here; http://www.joinfreesat.co.uk/index.php/10-off-freesat-boxes-at-dixons

Hope that helps.


Hello Fellow Residents

We have just moved in to Block 5.

Please could someone advise us

on whether we need to subscribe to the communal satellite system in order to get it.

whether we need any special equipment

what channels are covered.

Many thanks