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Hi guys

Yes – many of the sports channels are not working. We do need to get this issue resolved permanently as I find it unacceptable that we're without a service we pay monthly for a minimum of a week and we still do not have a resolution date. For sports fans we have missed out on a number of major events and it would seem like the Ryder Cup is now debateable this weekend.  Why does it take a week to get a cherry picker?  And what formal arrangement is in place to maintain and support the communal dish. We are forced to use it (no single dishes etc which I entirely agree with) but when something like this happens we need it resolved and resolved quickly and not a sob story about broken email, booked up contractors and access. I'm not particularly interested in the reasons why someone can't do something. I will take this up with the directors and Wood Management and let you know how I get on tomorrow.