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Hi Everyone,

First I share your frustrations with the loss of sky and here is what I have managed to find out from speaking to Wayne today. 
The engineer who attended site fixed the initial problem but found that the wiring for the premium services has failed.  This needs to be refitted at the roof mounting and this requires the hire of a 35m Cherry Picker.  This is a specialist piece of equipment and unfortunately cannot be hired at the drop of a hat.  Obviously there is a time lag between when the engineer called and when the fault was reported and solution decided.  I am told that the Cherry Picker will be on site Sunday as this was the earliest that one could be acquired.  Going forward an access point in the roof will be put in so that future faults do not require the use of a cherry picker. 
I will bring up the response time on this issue at the next board meeting as the feed upgrade will be discussed.