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Great news, Simon – thank you.

If we do want to go down the signal stacker route, does the engineer need access to our flat (and, if so, for what) or can the work be completed in our absence?

I am not quite sure what is involved in practice and how we would connect up to a dual feed if all we are doing is piggy-backing the signal from the spare feed on to the existing feed. Do we need a signal splitter or an additional wall socket?

Also, will the cost come out at the approx. £160 originally estimated, please, and would we contact the engineer direct to have this done or someone else?

Finally, we do not have HD equipment (or subscription) yet, so what if we wait? Would it be much more difficult or costly to sort out at a later date, and is there a possibility that individual stairwells might run out of spare capacity?

All your work with this is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

10, 2 RQ