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Hi Mimi,

I wouldn't say I make a huge effort to be particularly frugal with the electric.  Here are some pointers.

I have replaced a lot of the main lighting with low energy bulbs. This saves a great deal of energy, for instance our sitting room has 4 100watt halogens on the wall.  Unless we need strong light in the evening we use a 16watt energy saving bulb in a lamp.

We only boil the kettle water we need.

I changed our plasma TV for an LED TV, again this saved a lot of power, 300 watts down to about 80.

We have three storage heaters but we generally only use the main one in the sitting room which I changed for a model with a thermostat. I only ever have the heating on during the Winter lighting period and never have it set to more than slightly over 1/2 the total 'input level'.  I have never known the temperature in our flat to fall any lower than about 22 degrees.

I think a lot of people set the heaters way too high and then have to have the windows opens because its too hot.

Other than that I cant think of anything else. 

Hope that helps.

All the best