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All – I have an appointment on Monday morning for my meter to be changed by EDF. The guy turned up and couldn't do the job. Apparently on Friday (16th) they were all told that they could no longer replace meters with metal wire ducting in place or where the central box had a metal cover (as ours do).  Health and Safety was quoted here.  I was the 5th (of 10) that morning to be aborted.

If anybody has an appointment arranged (or is looking to make an appointment currently) it might be worth checking in as I had a wasted morning off work and have to rearrange for once they have decided on how to proceed (apparently a big meeting is taking place on Wednesday where they decide how they will change meters with metal wire ducting in place).

I'll update if I hear anything – I have the engineers mobile and will call him later in the week (he was very helpful … well … as helpful as you can be when not actually doing the job !).