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Just for the continuity of this thread and, I suppose, for statistical purposes, the bottom heater element in our Elson Coral E would seem to have packed it in after some 5 years' service (it was itself a replacement element at the time). We are currently using the booster function (i.e. the top element, I believe) as a temporary, but expensive solution for our hot water until we can get someone 'round to fix it. The new replacement element should obviously be without the built-in thermal fuse which was found on older models and which had a tendency of blowing and causing a very severe leak in the process.

10, 2 RQ

… but the temporary booster solution only lasted us until last Friday, when switching it on started causing our fuse board to immediately cut out. It has been cold water for us ever since :o, potentially continuing over the Easter period, as we wait for the spares to be delivered to the plumber, who will then fix a date with us for the job of draining the tank and fitting the new elements (assuming they are causing the problem – again…).

By way of further knowledge-sharing, as I think it is important we build up a 'knowledge bank' of these things, and it could be you next time and probably statistically will be at some point if you have an Elson Coral E:

I removed the protective cover last night (after obviously cutting the power supply) to make sure the bottom element did not just require a reset, which it did not. However, I also checked the wiring against the manual (http://www.elsonhotwater.co.uk/elson/elson.nsf/E610AF0CEFF6906380256AEF004E0D41/$file/corale10.pdf?OpenElement).

After a thorough examination, I found that the blue mains wire had come loose from its soldering point, and the cable itself looked as if it had taken a bit of a beating and was slightly blackened etc. However, after reconnecting and leaving it over-night, at least we had hot water this morning!

I have left the boiler switched off for the day as a safety measure and generally always leave it off if we are away for more than, say, 24 hours.

We are still going to have the plumber 'round, as the water was almost boiling hot this morning, and I now suspect the root of the problem could be with the thermostat – and our fuse board continues to cut out whenever the booster is switched on.

Thank you.