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Hi Simon,

Thank you very much for the initiative – I am interested, subject to cost.

We are down to around 0.5Mbit/s download speed (think: old dial-up connection speed) against a national average according to Ofcom of 14.7Mbit/s as of May 2013. In this day and age, that means less than full internet functionality.

As you rightly say, most numbers in our area are Exchange Only (EO) lines to the Bermondsey Exchange, which in short means we cannot expect fibre broadband (fibre to cabinet (FTTC) or fibre to home (FTTH)) at any time very soon.

I saw somewhere during my own recent research into all this that the New Caledonian Wharf had Hyperoptic installed earlier this year, but I remember thinking the installation and annual maintenance costs looked a bit steep.

However, I agree we need to explore all alternatives, as the best speed anyone of us can probably hope for in years to come is in the 2-3Mbit/s bracket – despite our local MP being on the case: http://www.se16.com/785-simon-hughes-writes-to-boris-about-slow-se16-broadband

Kind regards