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So if Southwark Council are allowing 350 boats to temporarily moor in Greenland Dock during the Olympics, they are going to look very stupid if they start prosecuting people for letting out their home during the Olympics.  In  practice, of course, it just will not happen as the Council simply does not have the resources to police what goes on in everybody's home during the Olympics unless someone grasses their neighbours.

If there are 50000 properties in Southwark and 10 officials working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week doing the check (say 5000 properties each), and they each spent 5 minutes at each property, it would take them each  of them 10 weeks to get round by which time the Olympics will be well and truly over.

As for my point about “most of us”, if you look at the financial benefits you would certainly see the advantages, especially given the harsh financial times we are now living in. These money-making opportunities don't present themselves very often, but if they come along I grab them with both hands. If you have lived in Wimbledon you will certainly know what I mean.

So whilst I support the temporary mooring because it is good for the economy and jobs, I remain opposed to the permanent shanty town for a whole number of reasons, least of all the fall in property values. If the fall in property values is not a valid reason, although it is good for motivational purposes, there are plenty of other reasons that exist.