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I'd like to make a few points on this planning application:

1) Even if you don't object to the disruption of a temporary marina during the olympics, it sets a planning precedent about what local residents will accept. It becomes much harder to object to later plans. So if you don't want a student shanty town later, then dig in your heels now.

2) At the Moby Dick Meeting on 17th Oct, I heard they are planning to leave the lock gates open for the duration of the event (2 weeks). This carries with it the risk of flooding if a storm came along. Underground car-parks could be flooded. Normal walk-ways will be unusable during the event.

3) If you only signed the pre-printed objection letter to the planning application, you will need to get another more individual one written, since the council are “discounting” these as a type of petition. They are also narrowing the “acceptable grounds” for objection, so if you decide to write you must keep it to the relevant points. see http://www.greenland2012.co.uk

4) There was a local news bulletin at 10pm on thursday 27th. They were making the temporary marina sound like a done-deal. A councillor from Peckham was saying it will add “some colour” to the area. People will make a lot of money from ruining Greenland dock. I believe we will have this imposed on us and we won't benefit at all.

5) Planning hearing is provisionally scheduled for 7pm, 28th Nov, 160 Tooley St SE1 2QH (London Bridge). If people have time, then we should gather there to make our numbers felt. I have lived here since 2007 and I feel strongly that these plans will ruin the area.