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There is a world of difference between a temporary marina for yachting families coming from overseas for the Olympics on the one hand, and the prosect of a permanent “marina” to house students and other low income families.

The families coming here for the Olympics, will be on holiday, but for many years as a resident I have watched yachts come into the Marina on a temporary basis for family holidays. They have been no trouble at all. Has anybody ever objected to them being here? I doubt it, or at least I have not heard of any objections. That is just one reason why I find objecting to the temporary application a bit hypocritical, and I simply can not bring myself to object to it.

The permanent application if it should ever materialise, does not involve yachts or as far as I have heard any other moveable river craft that will come and go. I see it as being a totally different application, and will oppose it when the time comes.

Whether the families were here or not, the 17 days of the Olympics is going to turn London into a hell hole, because our transport system can't cope with all the tens of thousands who will be decending on the city. To retain my sanity I will be booking my holiday out of London that fortnight.