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I commented on the planning application which I think is OK> However it will mean that our local sailing РTideway Sailability and the Centre will be out of operation for six weeks and they should be compensated for any loss of revenue and inconvenience to users. What with the cuts in funding, any voluntary organisation is struggling to make ends meet.  However it seems that there is another more sinister plan which is being hatched., and I think that we should all unite against this when it emerges. The dock manager, who is a Southwark Council employee would like to make the dock into a floating students village with permanent pontoons. This would spell the end of watersports and that wonderful  sight of coloured sails moving around the dock. There would be lots more muck in the water and the area would be completely changed.
If we are to make our feelings felt, now is the time to muster them. What comments does anyone else have?
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Chris T