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Here is some sample text for those who may want to post objections. I understand this “temporary marina” is the thin end of the wedge and that the place could become a mini-Glastonbury if we don't do more to object….

Addressed to:

Andre Verster,
PO Box 64529
SE16 5LX

Re Planning Application: 11/AP/3157
As a resident of the area very near to Greenland Dock, I wish to register in writing my objection to the proposed “Temporary Pontoons and Floating Facility Units for 350 visitor moorings during the 2012 Olympics”.

I believe that 350 moorings will bring crowds of well between 1000 and 2000 people into a small area near my flat.

Getting so many yachts in and out of the Dock will definitely cause major disruption and delays with locks/bridges being opened far more frequently than usual.

I believe that this will bring unprecedented extra noise which will continue by day and night. I expect the visitors will be drinking alcohol and playing music in the open air 7 days a week – disrupting quiet family life in the area.

I feel certain that there will be unprecedented amounts of rubbish and pollution as a result of the development – from toilet facilities etc.

The charm of the wildlife in the dock – Swans, Coots, Ducks etc will certainly be disrupted and probably ruined by this proposal.

I understand that the water-sports charity Tideways Sailability will have to close as a result of this proposal and that is surely a blow to those people who regularly use that.

The dock is a beautiful wide-open light and airy space – This is a huge benefit to all those who live here and the arrival of 350 moorings will completely alter this status for the worse.

It is for these reasons that I object to the proposed development and the change of use of the Dock area.