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However it seems that there is another more sinister plan which is being hatched., and I think that we should all unite against this when it emerges. The dock manager, who is a Southwark Council employee would like to make the dock into a floating students village with permanent pontoons. This would spell the end of watersports and that wonderful  sight of coloured sails moving around the dock. There would be lots more muck in the water and the area would be completely changed.”

This is very worrying news. Suvro and I just cannot imagine how making some of the temporary pontoons permanent and that too into a students' village is going to help the area, the users of the watresports facilities, the residents (the wildlife and us!) any better off. Can they just simply go ahead with this?

And I am not very convinced how much benefit (if any) will the cash, expected to be generated, provide. As a resident in this area for 5 years now, I have had a number of visitors from different parts of London and from other countries who have been very pleasantly surprised on how lovely our little corner of this part of the world is, so I know it is not only me who enjoys the dancing of the Great Crested Grebes , the swans gliding by along with the sailboats and the quiet surroundings – I hate to think of it permanently changed.

I'd like to help – do let me know how I can be involved.