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Dear Henry


1) Yes we change our boiler and it is still quite large, but much more energy efficient

2) On EDF, they are extremely expensive and I have just switched to a cheaper supplier and saved over £300 pa. If you have the same as I had before it is complex meter (2 MPAN numbers and one meter) and you will find it challenging switching.  If  you ask EDF  to change your metre then they will do this for free. What you need to consider is the heat and water is  separate and so your water will not get heat up without using the booster.  You will need to get some to sort this out for you

3) We decided not to knock down the wall. It might devalue your property. Also unless you invest in a really good extractor your living area might smell of what ever you are cooking.

4) i agree on the artwork. We have put some pictures in the hallway and agree it can be pricey