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The managing agent is still off ill.  However I found the following information on southwark councils website. 


snippet below:

What can I do to prevent mice in my home?
The smallest scraps of food or liquid are attractive to hungry mice. To avoid attracting mice into your home:
• Wash kitchen surfaces before and after preparing food and clean up any left-over mess
• Sweep and mop all food and liquids from the floor regularly
• Keep food stored in air tight containers
• Empty bins regularly
How can I get rid of mice?
You can try to get rid of mice yourself. Most garden centres, hardware shops and large chemists will stock a range of poisons and mouse traps. It is very important to follow the instructions carefully. Alternatively you can get a professional pest control company to carry out the treatment for you.
How we can help
Call pest control on 0800 952 4444. If you have tried to get rid of mice in your house but without any success, we can visit and carry out a survey to advise on the best control measures. This could mean that we have to visit and treat a number of nearby homes at the same time, (block treatment). If poison baits are used, they should be left undisturbed. We will return to check these, and refill them if necessary. They will be removed when you no longer have a problem.
If you have a problem with mice and there is already a private pest control contractor treating our home or block, please do not contact us.