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Thanks for your input Simon,I presumme meetings are still held in the Chair's flat ,which of necessity is limiting,I was wondering if the invitation to the board meetings which  include offers to Shareholders to attend, would be perhaps better held in a more formal venue and I know a few rooms are available nearby which are offered FOC .

The other point is I know the Directors make announcements on the Web site from time to time and I was wondering if these could be enhanced with Agendas and minutes of  Board meetings being published,as I believe was done as a 'highlight' in an announcement back in September 2007.

This way at least shareholders are kept abreast of your deliberations on our behalf and decisions reached,rather than hearing much later after the event or annually at the AGM.I realise you have to make executive decisions which may not be agreed with by all but openess may prove to be in everyone interests.
Your thoughts would be appreciated.