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Hi Chris,I have some questions regarding this subject.Is the planning for solar panels to be for the provision of solar power solely for your apartment or wider use? As I understand it the roof is part of the common structure to which all Leaseholders are subject to the cost of maintenance etc and that permissions of use of any part of the common parts may be setting a precedent for others who may wish to do similiar or other projects for their benefit in other parts of the development.

I have in mind that when I purchased our apartment we enquired about utilising part of the space above the bin stores at the raised ground floor level in Rope street and offered to purchase this  unused space and was informed that it would not be possible to grant any use of this common facility.

We had in mind to place a light tunnel unit to introduce natural light into our windowless kitchen,perhaps you can clarify if we were misinformed or it is afterall purely a discretionary thing?

The problems we encountered was public liability,maintenance,precedents etc and whilst  I have no personal objection and indeed would support your attempts to provide solar energy whether for personal or public use,I would like to hear the definitive answer to my query.