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I have just returned from a week's holiday to find that this 'security fence' has been attached to my roof terrace.  It has made my property look more like a prison than a residential flat.  I was not consulted about the fence at any time.  I was not even informed about any discussions about where and when the work would be done.  I was not given the opportunity to object to this.  The Forum posting I now see, took place the day before the work – which does not constitute suitable notice; nor does this forum does not constitute consultation in any form.  Consultation should always be in writing to residents and should be far in advance of decisions being made to ensure that measures are acceptable, before inappropriate measures are implemented. 

It should be noted that the only people who have accessed my terrace without prior notification and without my permission are people sent by the management company, which has happened on two occasions.  There is no need for the section of fence adjacent to my property whatsoever.

I find the management of this by the management company to be wholly unsatisfactory.  I have no issue with security as long as security does not come at the expense of a satisfactory living environment.  I don't in principle have a problem with the fence around the substation, but I do object to the fence that has been erected on the wall of my property including attached to the roof terrace.  It extends higher than the railings of my terrace and obstructs the view from it.  I will be demanding its urgent removal from adjacent to my property, and repairs to any damage caused to the wall as a result.

I also think that given the lack of appropriate communication about developments such as this and the clear lack of consultation, it is important that a review of the processes involved is taken by the management company with a view to improving this and giving residents (especially those directly affected!) a chance to comment and object.

I so far have tried to contact the management company and have been unsuccessful in speaking to anyone about this issue.  I will be continuing to raise this issue with them until its satisfactory resolution.