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Hello again
And thanks for all the useful advice you give here Simon.

We yet again had waste water from the kitchen ending up
in the shower tray. The plumber cleared the pipes, again, but I realised
that the waste water goes from the kitchen to the shower and THEN on to
the main soil stack. Not the other way round (from shower to kitchen to the
main soil stock)  which I thought was the standard solution. Can someone confirm
this is the case? Obviously this is not ideal, as the kitchen waste  water has to travel
for many lateral metres.

The waste water from the Kitchen can be seen flowing  just a few centimeters below the shower waste so if there  is a stoppage on the lateral drain between the shower and the main stack, kitchen
Waste water would end up in the shower, which is exactly what is happening.

Now, at least twice, this has occurred just after the stack has been jet washed.
And this might be far fetched, but could it be that the jetwashing of the stack somehow clogs
the lateral waste pipes towards the flats on the top floor?

Does any other  top floor have similar problem?
Where is the main vertical stack situated?
We really would like to find a long term solution.