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Hi Tim. This is the thread on the issue you raise http://www.rainbowquay.co.uk/Forum/index.php?topic=9.0 (assuming pasting it in here works correctly !).

Your best option comes up later in the discussion and is to have a splitter/stacker on one of the lines into your flat. This is what I have in my lounge and basically turns a single feed into a double feed. Something is done at the source and then it's split again at the socket. You have a small box thing connected which is also plugged in to the mains. I'm sure somebody will kindly add a more technical explanation if you need one!

Presumably you can have this done on both a lounge and a bedroom feed for multiroom (I'm not sure how multiroom works to be honest as I don't have it myself but have been considering it)

I think you will need to contact Alan (Kay?) who's details should be in that thread somewhere (he looks after the communla system). If you cannot find them then give me a shout and I am sure I have them somewhere.