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Thank you, Paul.

We are also in the West Block – as are James, who posted further down and, I am assuming from James' posts, Helen (who also posted below and of course started this thread) and James' other neighbour, Jide.

Not least due to the cost involved with accessing the communal equipment on the roof, as a particularly large cherry-picker is required, my understanding is that a 'more-likely-than-not communal case' needs to be made for it to be investigated.  The case would probably have to be made to our Directors in the first instance, not all of whom are Sky subscribers, so they will not all have first-hand experience of this nuisance.

It is surely a design flaw, and caused some disbelief in our Sky engineer yesterday, that there is (currently) no access to the dish etc. via a stairwell or ditto hatch.  Could we not create an easier, permanent access somehow; or buy a ladder that is tall enough; or perhaps reposition the equipment?  The dish needs to point SSE, roughly towards Greenwich, with no immediate obstructions in its way, incl. our building itself!

On my counting, we currently know of at least five West Block households affected, but on the other hand we are probably less than five very regular users/contributors on this forum, including you, me, James, more recently Helen, and obviously (and thankfully) Simon, which makes me think that this may not be the right forum for getting a better understanding of who is afffected.

I shall take the Board's lead on this, but might a hard copy mailshot through all letterboxes with an invitation to report back on any TV reception issues be an idea?  I believe it has been tried before, but I am not sure how it worked out? – apart from not fixing the problem very permanently, of course. 🙁  I am very happy to do some of the leg and actual work myself under your guidance.

As many previous posts will testify, we ourselves have been enduring these problems for quite some time, but took a break from reporting on the issue, as we put it down to our old Sky box.  However, having just upgraded to a brand new box with no real results – other than the ability to view On Demand content though WiFi thanks to Simon's efforts with Hyperoptic! 😀 – we are now determined to get to the bottom of it.

Is the TV working?” unfortunately is not an uncommon question in this household – but, really: this is 2016 and Central London, and we must do better at RQ with something as basic these days as TV reception!