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I am still waiting for a reply from my email to Alan and Rynew, who I thought would have replied being our new management company.

But to hopefully help the resolution below are a few screen shots and a few channels I saw missing yesterday. I tend to lose channels the later in the evening it goes (usually between 10PM and 12PM) but due to an early start was only able to check just before 10PM yesterday.

Tuesday I lost all channels/signal


Yesterday at 9:54PM looked at the signal strength which was pretty poor


I didn't have time to run through all channels but:

Heavily pixelated

404 Sky Sports 3 HD (all other Sky Sports HD fine)


112 Comedy Central HD

No signal at all (thankfully not channels I watch)

134 S4C
146 CBS Reality
147 CBS Reality +1
148 CBS Action
149 CBS Drama
189 propeller
190 5STAR +1

Hopefully this helps resolve the problem quickly