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[…] I am also more than happy to stop responding to alarmist trivia on this forum […]

Dear Simon,

As I hope you know, your tireless efforts for the RQ community have always been greatly appreciated, not least by me, and please do not stop responding in here! 🙂

However, one man's alarmist trivia is the next guy's genuine problem, like e.g. all our internet speed discussions, which clearly did not interest everybody equally, but which are now a thing of the past thanks to those discussions and, not least, to your subsequent, significant help with Hyperoptic.

I have offered to take an active role with the current issue, and that obviously still stands. My concern remains that, due to the relatively small number of regular users/contributors in here, this may not be the right forum for getting a good overview of who remains affected by poor TV reception and how.

Kind regards