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We are currently experiencing similar issues, including failed recordings (false schedule clashes), and 'no listings available' on some channels, and listings in any event unavailable more than just a few hours ahead on all channels.

According to my own, brief research, a drop in temperature is generally considered unlikely to have an effect unless it causes the dish to ice over. Other weather-related culprits (apart from the very well-known ones) include water ingress due to high air humidity and (more obviously) rain, esp. in the case of older or poorly maintained equipment.

Alternatively, since a few of us are experiencing the same issues, which would seem to rule out faults with individual boxes: Poor dish alignment (e.g. following high winds), cable deterioration and/or faulty/failing LNB (said to be more likely if the cable and LNB are more than five years old, at which point they are said to usually need replacing).

I did a 'new menu' Planner Rebuild late last night, but it is too early to say what effect it may have or for how long.

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