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Just as an FYI – I am not in the UK at the moment but will confirm if mine went off while I was away (it is scheduled to record most days and has gone off at similar times to others for the past 2-3 years).  I know that Jide lost his at least on Friday night as he messaged me about it to see if mine had gone off at the same time.

It's a shame we don't have roof access from inside the building to the satellite dish. Alan could camp out there to test when the signal fails in order to locate the issue.

Joking aside I think it's a frustration for all and part of the issue that accentuates it is the sporadic nature meaning that if an engineer is not onsite when the problem is in play and also has access to the roof at that same point in time then identifying the problem is tough. It certainly appears to be that water gets in somewhere and then freezes … but where that is could be anyones guess if it cannot be properly investigated (and, of course, it could be something else entirely). So I do have sympathy with the issues around identifying and resolving the issue. That said, I think 'vocal minority' isn't perhaps the best term but let's put that down to the frustration that everyone is facing when the problem is non-consistent.

All communal services need to be maintained and serviced to a level that means that the users benefit from them as intended. Be that basics such as electricity, water and sewage through to the window cleaning, general cleaning, garden maintenance, CCTV, basic TV aerials and the Sky service. Some of these things will be fixed more rapidly if there is a fault (think sewage) and others will have a lower priority – but there definitely comes a point when a fix has to be found and the 2-3 years we have had an issue for is probably beyond that point.  I have repeatedly told Rynew and kept logs but the issue seems to be that the gutter cleaning is being delayed. Perhaps everyone needs to be contacting Rynew every time there is an issue (I know several people that tend not to). If this next guttering exercise doesn't locate the issue then I think the next Board meeting should definitely discuss a plan of action or request one from Rynew.

Fingers crossed for gutter access asap and Alan getting up there is discovering a dodgy cable or something easy and cheap to fix.