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Just to report for the stats that our loss of signal since Thursday evening continues; i.e. almost a full three days now of black (actually: blue) screen.

All resuscitation attempts (Rebuild, Off Mode Reset, etc., etc. …) have so far been in vain – actually for the first time since roughly this time last year!

Great to hear this communal problem shall now be resolved.  My guess is that the equipment on the roof may have long since exceeded its life span.

As previously mentioned, it does seem like a design flaw that there is no access to the dish via a stairwell or ditto hatch and that (the cost of) a particularly large cherry-picker is required.  I also understood from discussions at the recent AGM that some much venerated trees in the West Block garden are increasingly in the way of cherry-picker access to the relevant part of the roof in the first place…

For a development which (for many good reasons) outlaws individual dishes, we should of course make sure the communal offering is a viable alternative.