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Hi James,

Thank you very much – that is very helpful, although I suppose it potentially could be an issue only affecting your stairwell(?) It would be interesting to also hear from others.

A quick Google search seems to indicate that the apparent cold weather connection could mean a faulty LNB. Do we know if the dish and LNBs have been serviced recently?

I have had some limited success with the below and some other quick fixes over the weekend, but none of them have so far provided a permanent solution to the problem.

On one occasion, the box crashed the minute I reinserted the TV aerial cable into the wall socket. I think I have since understood that in order to avoid interference and potential signal loss you want a (properly installed) “screened” wall plate, so I was just wondering if the standard RQ TV wall plates are, in fact, 'screened'?

Given that I do not consider my installation to be complete (as I would otherwise have Sky TV now), I am going to try and persuade Sky to come 'round and finish the job (i.e. for free…).

Kind regards

10, 2 RQ