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This is a very curious problem.  Although I don't use sky, I do use the satellite feed for my FreeSat box.  I haven't had any problems even when it has been very cold.  That said not all of the channels work but I understand this to be something to do with a local microwave signal interferring or because of the particular satellite we point too.

There is one other common variable with these reports, namely using Hyperoptic as the ISP.  I am wondering if there is a geolocation conflict occuring. I noticed that some websites detect my IP location as being in the US, due to Hyperoptic using recyled US IP addreses.  It may not be this but I wonder if there is some other conflict brought about by the combination of sky / hyperoptic.  It would be interesting to know if other non hyperoptic / sky users have experienced any problems.  Just an idea.