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Hi Tim, 
I had to change the heater in my front room as it was defective.  I got a dimplex CXLS18N automatic storage and convector heater from Deal Electrical (http://www.dealec.co.uk/acatalog/Storage_Heaters.html). I looked into the various designs at the time and they all seemed to be much for muchness.  The benefit of the version I went for is that it has a thermostatic input so adjusts the input as a function of the temperature.  Its the only one I changed and even when we had the cold weather a few weeks back I only ever had that one and my old hall one on to heat the whole flat.  I seldom have to turn them more than just above half way and it it seems to keep it at fairly constant 23c.  I find it also prevents having the place becoming over hot.  The details of the heater can be found here http://www.dealec.co.uk/acatalog/pdf/dimplex/dimcxlstore.pdf
I cannot recall the elec'y I used to fit it but its not all that much of job.
Hope that helps
All the best