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This sounds all too familiar, and for the same reasons both my wife and I now have most deliveries made c/o our respective work addresses. You may have to register your work address to your credit/debit card as an alternative (delivery) address, but that is usually it.

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I know i have!

On several occasions, I have had parcels trying to be delivered, but obviously fail, as I'm at work all day. Therefore expecting a 'Sorry you were out' card was not out of the ordinary. However, after 48 hrs as stated on the card (why that long, i don't know!) I make an effort and take the card to the post office depot in the morning, to find that the parcel was not at the depot, but probably still at a sorting office somewhere. Therefore, i go the next day, and the day after next – still nothing. Previously, I have had the parcel 'returned' because i 'did not' pick it up in time.

I've also tried redelivering it to the local post office (Lower road) for a fee of 50p, but even having asked for pickup from there on a particular day, they still do not seem to have it when I go there in the morning, hence having to go the next day, and possible the day after.

This only really happens to Royalmail, i find, as other parcel delivery companies open until much later, and by the next evening, when i return from work, I am able to go and pick it up.

I was wondering, if anyone reading this post happen to be at home (Rainbow Quays) all day on any day, whether they would be happy to sign for my deliveries, should it be required (usually just royalmail ones, where I should be able to redeliver to same area for free). I would be happy to pay the fee of 50p per parcel for their troubles (in line with the local post office) when i pick it up in the evening after work.

Please do let me know if you're interested, and you can reply via this forum or send me an email xanthe_80@xsmail.com.

I'm sorry for wingeing, but I really really have been fed up with Royal Mail for the past 5 yrs…..(and i am expecting to order a bits and bobs in the near future)..