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Thank you Paul for the info.

However, there are no notices/forms yet at 4 RQ and we have lost more channels -the entire sports bunch of Sky Sports and the entire bunch of lifestyle channels. Other than the BBC and ITV channels almost nothing on the entertainment group are available – the message reads 'No satellite signals are being received' with a No.36 on the message box.

This is an emergency with Wimbledon and the World Cup around the corner!

I did call Wood Management/RMG – spoke to Carl Dawkins – who refused to pass the call onto Martin Helenas (the property manager for Rainbow Quays) since I did not 'pass data protection'. Furthermore, Carl would not make any note of my complaint as I am a tenant and the landlord needs to contact them.

While I shall be contacting my landlady about this, can no tenants approach RMG for anything? It would be good to know if there are any issues for which we can contact RMG.

Incidentally, I spoke to Sky Customer services, who said that since it seemed to be a dish related problem and that the dish was a communal one, they shall not be able to do anything.

Simon, thank you for your initiative on this. Do let me know if there's anything with which I may be able to help out. I am currently around during the daytime, hence if that helps!