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Dempers I hear your frustrations and we will try and deal with each question in turn.

1) I am not aware of the rubbish outside block 2.  Sometimes a resident does organise with the council to come and collect bulky items, but there is a time period between arranging and the actual collection.  Do you know how long the stuff has been there?
2)  I can assure you that if you rang the helpline and reported the missing key then the managing agent would see that a new one was placed on the hook.  The cleaners should also have noted this and I shall take this matter up to try and get to the bottom of it.
3) Wood own a spare set of all the keys on the development and I have personally seen these.  The time between  requesting a new key and delivery is down to the postal service.  I refuse to believe that it has taken your land lord 6 months to get a key unless they have no ability to chase things.
You are quite within your rights to write a letter to your landlord however I would add that we can only act on problems if we know about them.  Waste issue are communal and thus Wood will act on them.  If you have details of when you reported the problems we can check with the call centre why they have not been dealt with.