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Apologies for this, but I'm now sufficiently $*£&*”!! that I will make this a public complaint.

1) One or more of the residents of 2RQ is blatantly ignoring the rules of the lease of their flat(s) by dumping non-household garbage outside the doors for the bins. I have strong suspicions of who (or at least which flat) is doing this and I have reported this previously with no action being taken. It's disgusting and I would like to know what the management company will do about it (it's obvious that posting letters doesn't help)

2) The key for the bins has now been missing for over 3 months!!! I can't report it to the management company because I don't own the flat (another ridiculous requirements – I have the same rights as those that own the flats)

3) Our landlord can't get a new key for the front door to the block, despite having requested this a number of times over the past 6 months!!

With the above in mind I am now writing a letter to the landlord recommending they withhold the service charge until something is done (as they are clearly not getting value/service for their money)