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      Dear RQRA
      Had a spare moment and looked you up on the Web. Glad to see that all is well with you all at Rainbow Quay. See the garden has become fully grown and that you now have CCTV coverage of the car park gates. For my sins I've ended up in Cardiff, believe it or not, managing Century Wharf, a residential estate on behalf of Consort with a thousand apartments and three thousand people living there. Yes, the problems are exactly the same except on a larger scale. We have 23 on-site staff and concierge 24/7. As a founder member of the RQRA please convey my best wishes to anyone who remembers me, especially Chris Todhunter, who I see is still performing sterling work. Maybe an OBE in the next years honours list? Justly deserved in my opinion. Kind regards Philip Mitcham (1997-2003)

      (I blush. – CT) :-[

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