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      The RQ Board meets on September 4th at Wood Management Offices in Canary Wharf.
      Here are the minutes of the June meeting.
      Rainbow Quay Residents Co Ltd
      Board Meeting Minutes – Wednesday 20th June 2007 at 7:30 pm at
      Flat 11 96 Rope Street, SE16

      Attendees: Chris Shemwell (CS)
      Chris Todhunter (CT)
      Maresa Collins (MC)
      Mark Tamuta (MT)
      Roger Beetham (RB)
      Simon Forster (SF)

      Apologies: David Frampton (DF)
      Jean Parkin (JP)
      Scott Lummes (SL)

      1. Minutes of Previous Meeting – Approved

      2. Financial Reports

      (a) Budget to Actuals – MT advised that the layout of the budget has been changed slightly and this affects the presentation of the reports.

      (b) Arrears – MT explained that a large number of lessees pay by standing order; therefore they are still regarded as debtors.  Especially those that do not renew after the 12 months has expired.

      The property manager to review correspondence sent to lessees regarding standing orders and direct debits as the letter sent from accounts regarding the new direct debit facility had caused some confusion.

      3. Break in at 4 Rainbow Quay – MT advised that someone tried to force the doors at Block 4 Rainbow Quay, however the burglar was disturbed by another resident.

      MT also advised that this matter is an on going insurance claim, as the door frames sustained a lot of damage (mainly cosmetic) Woods need to source contractors to repair this if possible.

      4. Gates & Railings –
      (a) MC advised that Woods were issued a pro-forma invoice following their order to Bubear & Jones for raising the height of the railing and gate to West block.  This was to be paid as soon as possible.  Awaiting confirmation of timing from Bubear Jones of fabrication and installation. MC to notify Directors of start date.

      (b) Gates where dustcart comes in to collect the refuse.  Dustcart has damaged the foundations and as a result the gates do not close.  A proper pad bar could not be fitted unless the posts are restored to vertical.  CT requested that Woods obtain two quotations and a quotation from a structural engineer for their fees.  This matter to be dealt with via email.

      5. Additional security boarding to the pedestrian gates had reduced the possibility of ingress by burglars.  It was agreed to hold up plans to replace the locks on these doors (at a cost of around £15,000) in the expectation that there would be no more break ins through these doors.

      6. Website Update – The website is up and running.  CT asked that all Board members look at the website and give their comments (see http://www.rainbowquays.com)

      SF advised that Paul has done a good job, however the car park security needs to be included on the web page.

      RB said that the site should be used as a mean of communicating, rather than the email group if possible.

      MT advised that Rainbow Quay Residents Co. Ltd could add Major Works Programmes.

      SF advised that Paul could add restricted access for non-resident users.

      CT and SF to meet with Paul Taylor for final adjustments before announcing the existence of the site.

      7. Gardening employment update – CT advised that this has been explored. The following costs will be involved for the management company; costs of insurance, company and company solicitors fees, administration costs and national insurance.

      There are two gardeners, as they have student status, the will not be long term employees.

      Three options, contract out, carry on current situation or Rainbow Quay to take on the gardener’s employment directly.

      All agreed that Rainbow Quay would employ gardeners direct.

      MT to obtain chapter and verse on this.

      8. Removal of Vehicles – MC & MT meeting Southwark Council Thursday 21st June.

      CT advised that Woods should put up notices in all blocks regarding dumped cars in garages once the council had issued their formal notices on the cars.

      MC to update directors on progress.

      9. Recycle Bins – MC advised that these have been ordered three times and will chase up Southwark Council regarding their delivery.

      Also signage will be placed in the bin stores and request that residents crush their recycling before placing in the bins.

      A request was made for a bigger plastic recycle bin and smaller glass bin.

      10. General Maintenance

      Bin stores – MT advised bin stores are due for cleaning and Ricky Lewis had provided a quotation for this.  Directors agreed contractors quote, Woods to instruct works. 

      Drains – A quotation was also submitted for annual de-scaling and high-pressure jet cleaning, this was also agreed by the directors and Woods to instruct works.

      Paving – MT raised issue regarding paving along 1 Rainbow Quays, Woods to speak to council, ask that they contribute.  The directors approved this.

      Bicycles – RB advised that these need to be taken out of common parts and should be stored in garages, in particular blocks 6 and 7.

      Directors agreed to put this matter on hold until the AGM.

      Internal Redecorations – SF queried when the re-painting of the common parts is due.  MT advised they were not due until winter.

      Guttering on balcony – CS advised that there was a hole in the guttering on the balcony over 7 Rainbow Quay. Woods to arrange repair.

      Canopy issues – SF advised that there was a problem with the rear canopy.

      Guttering – CT advised that flash bands need to be put on gutters to prevent water splashing onto the pedestrian access ways.

      Smoking Signage – MT advised that the smoking ban in public enclosed spaces and workplaces as of July 1st and its implications for Rainbow Quay.

      MT advised that signage would have to be placed in all car parks and common parts, as it is a legal requirement under the legislation.

      The Board voted not to erect signage in the entrance halls. Woods to have a disclaimer signed off by the Board.

      Fixed Wiring Tests – MT submitted a quotation for all blocks in Rainbow Quay from SPIC Electrical, directors approved quote, Woods to issue work order to contractor.

      11. Any Other Business

      1. Company Secretary – Simon Forster expressed concern over the delays he had with receiving documentation from the Company Secretary when he purchased his apartment. Directors unanimously agreed that the Company Secretary role should be moved to Woods as long as the fees are in line with the budget. Woods to deal with the appropriate Companies House paperwork.

      2. Broadband – RB advised that the BT exchange is too far away from the property, SF received quotes of between £7,000 – £14,000 for Wireless Satellite Connection.

      3. Simon Forster – Simon Forster was elected as a Director.  Woods to send a 288a Companies House form.

      5. Pruning of trees – CT advised that he would give the council some feedback on this.

      Dates of meetings –4th September, 16th October (if required) and 20th November (AGM).
      End of Meeting

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