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      At the EGM on 16th January the budget was approved. A number of questions which had been asked at the AGM were answered. Full minutes should be available by early February. The next Board meeting will be on Wednesday 20th February. Chris Todhunter

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      Extraordinary General Meeting on January 16th 2008

      Venue: Moby Dick Tavern
      Time: 7.30pm

      S.Belfitt T Schroder                 
      D Bird T Sturmer
      S Tryner R Elstub
      S Miller JP Moser
      J Parkin I Batten
      R Beetham E Poplavskaya
      C Todhunter (Chairman)            S Forster
      L Elliott

      S. Lummes S Dobson
      L Covill H Tam
      D Frampton J Beerling
      M Vlantis

      1. Consideration of the accounts for 2006. There were 3 Lessee’s who had raised queries. S Dobson had confirmed that the responses from the accountant were satisfactory and that the accounts are in order. M Baylis was away on holiday and not able to confirm or otherwise the responses he had been sent. L Covill agreed to follow up any unresolved M Baylis queries. J Bird had visited Woods office and met with the Service Charge Accountant and was satisfied there had not been any financial mismanagement by Woods. He also confirmed that he would not stand as a Director as he lived outside of London and that it was not necessary for 2 people from the same apartment to stand on the Board.

      The accounts were unanimously approved.

      2. Reappointment of the auditor.
      Unanimously Approved.
      3. 2008 Budget. The Chairman gave an overview of the budget. All major works were considered and approved subject to cash flow. The Board would consider the internal redecoration quotes and prioritise this work.
      Members voted 13 for and 1 against approving the budget.

      End of EGM

      Other matters arising;

      • The Board were asked to consider a general maintenance reporting process. It was suggested that a form could be put up on each notice board. Board to discuss at next meeting.
      • Concern over the two pedestrian doors to the West Block car park being insecure.
      • Automatic gates to the car park have on occasion stuck partially open. Gate contractor to report.
      • A number of general water leaks into the car park area and from the high level gutters were reported.
      • The members approved allowing pushchairs to be left at the bottom of the stairs.
      • Annual Board Dinner. This was approved by the members.
      • Managing Agents Contract. This would be discussed at the next Board meeting.
      • Notices on the web site. It was agreed that any important meeting dates would be posted on the web site.

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