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      Hello all,

      Big drama this evening. The boiler literally blew up resulting in a fire. Very luckily, no one was hurt and all ok – just two very shaken tenants. The fire investigator said it was down to an electrical fault and has shut off the electricity to everything apart from the lights.

      So a clean up required. I would be very grateful if anyone has any contacts for:

      a) rectifying minor fire damage to the boiler closet, including door and frames
      b) Installation of a new boiler

      Attached is a picture.

      Would really appreciate any help and advice with this one so feel free to give me a shout on 07799133511.


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      This should raise a few alarm bells that i hope the management group are looking into?
      If this had happened at any other time of day, then the consequences could have been far worse.
      The majority of flats in the Rainbow Quay's development still have these Elson units, if this is a generic fault with the units, then we should all be made aware of it and the faults fixed; before this happens again.
      Has a report by the London Fire Brigade been received?

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      Regarding the heater blowing up, there is a previous thread on Elson heaters, the last entry being 27th April 2009.
      Reading through the replies on this thread, there is an entry on 23rd August 2008 by Ben S who said his Elson had exploded, although he doesn't mention any fire. Yes it is now really worrying and of course the Management Committee should be advising us, on this important health and safety issue as a matter of urgency.

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      We, as fellow residents (also with flats that have these boilers) on the resident's Board share your concerns.  There is a scheduled board meeting this evening, in fact.  I'll let you all know what the output of this is.

      Many thanks,

      Russell Bingham

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      Hello All,

      I have just seen this post and as I have been  a little concerned for a while with the fact that I think my boiler may be heating up as the boiler cupboard gets pretty warm, I was wondering if there's any more information on this (Russell, you were mentioning a board meeting). I am a tenant and in regular touch with my landlady who stays overseas, and thus would like to keep her informed if any check or maintenance is required. I've lived here for 2 and a half years but there's been no scheduled check on this Elson Coral E Boiler. It'd be much appreciated if anyone could give me any further information.  😀

      Thanks and regards

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      My name is Ian, i am the Engineer who fitted the NEW boiler at 101 rope street. I have worked for a few of the Directors before and landlords. In my experience it is normally cause by a loose connection on the terminal block, (please see attachment), if the wires are not tightened enough, they will arc across thus causing a problem, if you require any more information please email me ianj.norton@btinternet.com

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