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      I've just spoken to the management company regarding the fly-tipping (I believe this is the correct expression for it – happy to be corrected!) outside 2RQ. I have also contacted the council who have reported it to their EnviroCrime Squad (sound awesome!) – they'll take the rubbish away within 7 days.

      However, Woods Management refused to do anything about this as we are not the owners of our flat but merely tenants (!!) – despite the fact that this is now our third year here. So, could I please ask that someone who is a resident/owner contact the management company so that we can find out who is currently living in Flat 1, 2RQ and if they are not the owners then the owners need to be contacted so that they can ensure their tenants are aware of how to properly dispose of their garbage (and avoid a fine).

      Also, I thought that perhaps this is something that should be communicated on an annual basis to all tenants as there appears to be quite a few who rent like us and unless you have a car, the landlord will not necessarily provide the code for the garage (or even inform the tenant that this is where certain items of household garbage should be taken).

      Many thanks
      Ft 3, 2 RQ

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      Hi Dennis

      We have a board meeting this month and I shall put forward the idea of having a new smaller laminated info sheet produced with this sort of thing covered. 

      We can then distribute this to all flats on an annual basis.

      All the best

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      We will also take it up with the Managing Agent as it is important that our tenant residents can report things to the help line.
      Chris T

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