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      1. Railings to West Block.
      Installation of the higher railings to the West Block is planned to start during the week commencing 17th September.
      2. Pedestrian gates to garages.
      No new incidents have been reported in the garage since the plywood sheets were fitted to the gates. There are two defective locks on the West block. It is hoped to get these repaired by the end of the month.
      3. Gardening employment.
      The two Kenyan gardeners have returned to Kenya and it is doubtful whether they will return. Another student started at the end of August. He will go on to Wood management's books as an employee.
      4. Recycling bins.
      New bins in 99 Rope Street. May not be big enough. SF has arranged twice weekly collections.
      5. Subsidence of paving and brickwork.
      Where the refuse lorries enter the West garden, the piers and paving have subsided. A soil survey and structural engineers report on options is to be commissioned. The other cracks in planter walls due to subsidence are not dangerous and are regularly inspected.
      6. General maintenance
      Canopies in the garden are to be checked and gutters fitted with flashband to prevent water cascading onto landings and steps.
      7. Fault reporting.
      The managing agents were asked to set up a proper monotoring system for fault reporting as some faults have taken far too long to rectify.
      8. Electricity testing
      An estimate was received for rectifying electrical faults so as to obtain a certificate. It was agreed that this is a legal obligation but would be reviewed by CT to make sure that non-essential items were deferred or deleted.
      9. Internal decorations
      An estimate was received for internal decoration of the halls and stairs. A decision whether to carry out full or partial decoration was deferred so that members can assess the present condition.
      10. Web site.
      It was agreed that the Web site should now be promoted. Thanks to Paul Taylor for his work on this.
      11. Broadband
      Residents currently experience very slow broadband connection speeds. An estimate for suuplying a fast satellite connection was agreed.
      12. Window cleaning.
      Residents to be notified in advance when window cleaning is to take place.
      13. Electricity meter cupboards.
      Woods to give notice and fix notices to state that storage of personal items in the meter cupboards is prohibited.
      14. Bin store locks.
      A decision whether to fit locks to all the remaining bin stores was deferred.

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      😮Correction, I misunderstood the notes.

      This topic was not carried forward from the previous meeting. Simon Forster is going to investigate further and bring the matter up at the AGM in November.

      Chris Todhunter

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