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      I've been asking Rynew to replace the light globe on the landing outside my flat for nearly one month now. There's very little internal light at night and this is a safety issue. Each time I contact Rynew I'm assured that the issue will be fixed 'by the end of the week'. I expected much better service from a new managing agent. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue in having maintenance completed in a reasonable time?

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      Hi Jo,

      I am sorry about the problem with your light.  I inspected it today with the intention of replacing the bulb but the unit needs to be refitted to the ceiling.  I will get the electrician to attend and change it for an LED model.

      Generally the cleaners change the bulbs so this is a miss from them.  Rynew should have followed it up by asking them to double check the unit, or mentioned it to me.

      As more of the units are exchanged for LED then the bulb changing issues will be no more.

      I cannot give you a lead time on the electrician attending but as soon as I get a confirmed date I will let you know.


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