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      Hello fellow Rainbow Quay residents! Incredibly happy to have moved in recently to Rainbow Quay – what a lovely part of London this is! Lots of people seem to be selling their flats in this building – am I missing something? 🙂

      I have looked through many of the topics on this forum before I moved in and I haven't quite found the answers to my questions, so if you can help – great:

      1) Old storage heaters. Has anyone fitted anything they recommend that looks aesthetically nicer and is very efficient? OR has anyone fitted an electric only boiler and then got rid of the massive water tank? I'm looking for the most efficient system possible.

      2) Is EDF fixed in this property because of the Economy 9 tariff, or have people changed tariff and supplier?

      3) Has anyone knocked the wall between the kitchen and living room down? It's a simple partition wall (in my flat), and would make the space a lot more modern. I am guessing this doesnt need freeholder consent?

      4) More of a discussion point – the block I live in has recently undergone some new paint decoration and it looks good. It would look even better if there was some art on the walls. The walls look very plain right now, and some pictures of the historic Greenland Dock or similar I think would really suit the building and go down well. I'm sure there's more important issues to solve, but I think it would be a nice touch and add value for relatively low cost.

      Anyway, I'm sure I'll have more questions but that's it for now. Have a great evening,


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      Hello Henry and welcome to the forum.  I hope you enjoy living at RQ. I am interested in what your benchmark for the number of properties for sale at the development at any given time is?  Its a difficult data set to pull so all I can offer is anecdotal evidence from experience.  We have 144 units, it is not unusual to see between 0 and 6 for sale at any given time.  Those that have recently been for sale have all been due to the owners having circumstances change that necessitated selling.  I think one could always fire in the brexit uncertainty as a possible contributor but again that would be anecdotal.

      In answer to your questions:

      1) One of my neighbors has removed all her storage heaters for thinner, instant convector heaters.  Aesthetically they are more pleasing, and the 'sales pitch' is they save money.  I am doubtful of the claim.  The trouble with any form of electrical heating is its about as efficient as it can be, its a technology unchanged for years.  Storage heaters simply contain very heavy bricks that take a long while to heat up and cool down.  Changing to a storage heater design with a thermostat may help with cost.  In my experience I generally only have my storage heaters on during the winter months.  From clock change to clock change as a rule.  However this year I admit to being late in being willing to turn them off.

      2) My understanding is many people have changed energy supplier.  I think I looked about once and could not find a better deal than edf, so have stuck with that.

      3) There are many examples of this being done about the development.  Moving non structural walls is unlikely to be refused, however freeholder consent is required as it has an impact on insurance.

      4) I agree, I think some good quality b&w shots of the various docks / landmarks would go down a treat.  Only thing is I would think you would need 1 picture per stairwell landing.  So 4 per block, times 14 blocks and it starts to get a bit pricey.  I have had a nasty lot of unplanned capex costs to deal with so I do not know if the budget will accommodate.  How much do you think a framed picture would cost and what size should they be? 

      All the best

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      Hi Henry
      Welcome !
      I ‘think’ I’m the neighbour Simon is referring to re the storage heaters. He’s right that I doubt they will save huge sums of money and I’ve only just had them installed this year, so yet to be proven. The main benefit is control and of course they look nicer. You are very welcome to come and have a look and I can share the info the electrician gave me if you would like.
      Kind regards

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      Thanks for your responses! I have just been comparing with nearby developments with potentially similar numbers of units – but as you mentioned 1-5 units for sale at any one time doesn't seem odd.

      1) Agreed re – storage heaters. @HelenB, yes please to coming over and seeing your heaters, very interested in them. What's your number and I can text you to arrange. Mine is 07732552891 – thank you!

      2) Re the pictures. Yes definitely think they could go down well. Maybe say 5 per block if you add one to the reception area. If buying in bulk, black frames with white inserts surrounding the picture could be bought for around £35 or less each. Then you have a good quality picture print cost which may add £5-10 to it (although likely to be less). Max potential cost: 45 x 5 per block x 14 blocks = £3,150.

      Something like this, size A1 landscape for each landing, and size A0 for every reception.


      Thoughts? Thanks!

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      Dear Henry


      1) Yes we change our boiler and it is still quite large, but much more energy efficient

      2) On EDF, they are extremely expensive and I have just switched to a cheaper supplier and saved over £300 pa. If you have the same as I had before it is complex meter (2 MPAN numbers and one meter) and you will find it challenging switching.  If  you ask EDF  to change your metre then they will do this for free. What you need to consider is the heat and water is  separate and so your water will not get heat up without using the booster.  You will need to get some to sort this out for you

      3) We decided not to knock down the wall. It might devalue your property. Also unless you invest in a really good extractor your living area might smell of what ever you are cooking.

      4) i agree on the artwork. We have put some pictures in the hallway and agree it can be pricey

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      @Mary – would love to talk to you more about EDF and your meter change. My number is 07732552891, any chance you could text me to discuss? Or if you could share more details online about what you did and who you spoke to would be a great help. It seems quite complicated to me! Thanks!

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      Hi Henry,

      Apologies for a late reply, I can see your post is not recent, however I’ve not been here before.

      Regarding up your suggestion of artwork in the common areas, as mentioned by others here, I too think this an excellent idea, not sure how we would go about this in terms of attracting interest, but even if the idea doesn’t receive unanimous support, surely it wouldn’t be too expensive to hang some relevant artwork at least on each ground floor (entrance) hallway?


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      I have a question re electricity suppliers. We are with EDF who are charging a kings ransom per month. Having spoken to a number of residents, they use Bulb. Having contacted Bulb, they are saying they would charge at a single rate and we wouldn’t get cheap rate electricity.

      Who do others use for electricity and are there any views on moving off of Economy 9, as it would open up the market to other suppliers?

      Many thanks.


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