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      Good evening
      Sorry to alarm anyone with a phobia of these little creatures, but is anyone else experiencing scurrying in the walls etc at the moment? Though I've not caught any in the act, there is certainly an issue – I live on the 3rd floor of 96 Rope Street.

      I'm guessing that my next steps are to put some traps etc down…

      Any advice would be much appreciated.


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      Hi Rich,

      I am sorry to hear about your suspected infestation. As a quick search of this forum will show, similar incidents have been reported from time to time, and I think you need to contact RMG in the first instance and in any event. Good luck.

      Kind regards

      10, 2 RQ

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      Hi Rich,

      I am in 3rd floor 99 Rope Street. I caught two recently, they were tiny.

      I saw one running arcoss my living room last Fri night (03Jun) and cought it with a trap on Sat.

      A few weeks ago, I discovered another one in a trap while cleaning which I laid from last year.

      We had some rats problem earlier last year, coming from nowhere and disappeared all of a sudden, hence the traps. But it seems they are back, could it be the warm weather? Yet last year they arrived much colder and earlier!

      After the second one, I really think there is a rat problem in the block. Please kindly advise.


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      This is only guesswork, but possible causes for the return of the rodents are the barbecues starting up or is there not a compost which I suspect may be located at the back of 99. Depends though what is getting put on the compost. I would reckon they could be attracted by the smells.

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      Regarding the BBQ, I am having a sign placed by the BBQ that it should be cleaned and covered after every use (obviously once cooled).  Hoping this will be done, this should deter little creatures!! 🙂

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