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      Hi there all you bbqs.
      The barbeque in the West Garden was purchased by the management company for everyone's use. I was due to buy another one for the East garden (principally) but Simon tells me that you have had a whip round. We think it is only fair that this should be community property. So I suggest you repay those who have contributed and I will get a Fire Bowl which will be more long lasting than a Barbeque. I am only sorry that it probably will not reach here by 28th May. Perhaps you could get a cheap oh one for then?
      Chris Todhunter

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      PS. This is the model I had in mind. I will order it next week, taking into account any comments you wish to make.


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      I am concerned, especally if there are small kids running around.

      Link for an article on health and safety regarding the use of fire bowls.


      Please advise why are we getting a fire bowl and not a proper barbecue?



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      It's great to have a new barbecue, we intend to use it…what should we do to have the barbecue in our garden we are at 7 Rainbow Quay…when should we place our request to use it? and to whom should we address our request?

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      Andrew, Thank you for the safety advice. We can put a notice up as it applies to barbeques as well.
      You may have noticed that there is a new barbeque now in the East garden. A fire bowl is however much more stylish and fun, if used carefully. I have not yet ordered one so we will discuss it at the next board meeting.
      The barbeque in the West Garden is the property of the Management Company, or if you like, the residents.
      If the people who bought the East Garden one would like to contact me, I could arrange for you to be reimbursed.
      Chris Todhunter 0207740 2535

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      Please check your emails with regards the BBQ.

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      Hello All,

      I personally started a collection and printed 50 notes and delivered them by hand to all the residents whom surround the East Garden – as our BBQ was in a very poor state. 

      After receiving approximately £20 from a number of residents, I popped a note on here and Simon on behalf of the Chairman of the Residents Association kindly offered to pay for the model I suggested.  I used the £20 (with £5 from me) to buy some tools and a cover, so to look after the BBQ.

      I would like to say, that I collected the BBQ from B&Q and built it (which was a mission) and held a BBQ for everyone, which was enjoyed by so many – the money collected by me, will not be refunded – sorry!!

      Note to all – It will need to be maintained, cleaned, covered and bolts/screws tighten to keep it nice, especially if it will be moved back and forth to the West Garden.

      I would very much appreciate though that it's home is in the East Garden, as I made quite allot of effort to get the BBQ.

      Simon if you have any comments that would be great if not happy days!! I hope you all enjoy the new purchase and cross fingers for some more sunny weather!!

      Bye for now

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      Thanks for doing all of this Kim! It's very much appreciated!

      Kind regards,


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      For the time being all I would add is when I am going to get the receipt Kim?

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